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On October 31, 1517, Luther, a Catholic monk, posted his 95 Theses as a challenge to the doctrine and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, hoping to reform the practices he felt were inconsistent with scripture.When the conflict escalated to a distinct separation with the Roman Catholic Church, those who accepted Luther's reforms became "Lutherans." Based on Luther's own writings, Lutherans still uphold Luther's theological teachings such as (scripture as the primary authority for faith and life), justification by the grace of God alone, and salvation through faith in Christ alone.For nearly 200 years, Lutheran seminaries in the United States have been educating pastors, missionaries and other church workers for service in congregations, social service agencies and other countries.Thousands of future church leaders have received training—through a curriculum developed over centuries—in Scripture, church doctrine, history, pastoral care and other skills needed for ministry.Luther's many theological ideas have since been collected into the Book of Concord, which is still an authority in Lutheran doctrine and practice.Because of its initial grounding in the Roman Catholic Church, Lutheran worship, more than many other Protestant traditions, has many elements similar to the Catholic style of worship.

LSH is a proud member of Lutheran Charities, a network of five Lutheran social ministry organizations that empowers vulnerable children, adults, families and seniors to overcome life’s challenges and achieve their potential through quality educational, compassionate care and treatment services.Over 300 people came together to say: We support courage. We want to be a part of something important, and at Women of Courage that meant giving to Alice's Hopeline so victims of abuse can get the help they need.We raised over ,000 for Alice's hopeline, and every donation will be matched dollar for dollar.As a Lutheran congregation, we accept and teach the Bible-based teachings that Martin Luther restored in the Reformation. Sermons can be streamed online with your computer or mobile device. Read More The ECC provides a variety of spiritual, intellectual and social experiences while challenging each child to become a thoughtful and self-disciplined Christian.Our core beliefs can be summarized by: Grace alone, Scripture alone, Faith alone & Christ alone. Click below to see what the ECC can offer your family.

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