Dating ultrasound 2 weeks behind

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Dating ultrasound 2 weeks behind

Was anyone else not able to see the baby well because of a tilted uterus??I've had over a dozen ultrasounds within the past 7 years and I've never been told I have a tilted uterus.went back two weeks later and our daughter was there with a heartbeat. if there's any discrepancy with your dates or cycle then there is hope. That's 20% of pregnancies, which is significantly more than 20% of women. I looked for signs, googled, went on forums etc, looking for something (I don't know what).If you're absolutely sure, the odds are against you as hard as it is to wait I'd probably wait 2 weeks and rescan. I spotted from 5 weeks til it died at 7 weeks 5 days.I don't have any cramping or spotting, my boobs are rapidly growing (especially the past 2 days) and I still have all my symptoms. I just don't understand why the nurse would be so grim if there is a heartbeat?I've read on some forums that some ladies have measured over a week behind and everything has been fine and bub has had a big growth spurt after the scan so I'm hoping that happens for me. He had said my uterus had felt about 8 weeks pregnant but we would do a dating scan to be sure.And am supposed to go back tomorrow morning for another blood draw. And I am hoping that has something to do with why the baby would measure so far behind! And if for some reason I did they should be measuring further along not behind. You should get scanned again in a week or two to see if there are changes.

I've also been holding back in case something goes wrong as my last pregnancy was ectopic.I'm getting another scan next week at Sydney Ultrasound for Women as they have the best equipment and specialists so I can totally trust what I'm being told (my last pregnancy I was told twice baby was in my uterus and when I got another opinon at Sydney Ultrasound for Women they found it was actually in my tube and the other place had totally screwed up twice! I'm trying so hard not to worry but I'm really struggling.I'm so scared and just want to know if anyone has heard of this with it turning out ok?I thought I was sure of my dates and thought I was almost 8 weeks, had a bleed and went for a scan and was only 5w 4d and no heartbeat detectable. I'd had a missed miscarriage and my body was still giving me all the signs and symptoms that it was a normal pregnancy.I had no idea what was going on but when I looked back over my cycle (always kept a journal) I saw that I'd had a very irregular cycle with lots of spotting. I hope in your case that perhaps you implanted late and baby is still in the early stages. The unfortunate truth is that 20% of pregnancies fail in the first trimester.

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So I'm pregnant with my second and had the dating scan today. But measured 5 weeks 6 days and heart rate of 95bpm. My hcg levels were low when I got my bloods done, but still within range, just at the lower end. Although it's not a positive story, I'll share mine.

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