Dating a guy with down syndrome jeff probst dating survivor star

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Dating a guy with down syndrome

In fact, all people with Down syndrome have sexual feelings and intimacy needs.It is important that expression of these feelings in socially acceptable, age appropriate ways be recognized by families and caregivers.

Or even mothers of younger children, who are thinking ahead to the future. Kat is a writer and a passionate advocate for inclusion in the media and advertising. Use the 'contact us' tab on this site to request her media kit or to get in touch.This article looks at partnership and marriage amongst persons with Down syndrome.It does so within the context of a model of quality of life.Sex education, appropriate for the developmental level and intellectual attainment of individuals with Down syndrome, adds to life quality by engendering healthy sexuality, reducing the risk of sexual abuse, avoiding sexual misunderstandings, preventing disease transmission, preventing unwanted pregnancy and alleviating other problems related to sexual function.In the past, sexuality was not considered an issue for any people with Down syndrome because of the inaccurate belief that intellectual disability (formerly known as mental retardation) produced permanent childhood.

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For many, down syndrome seems like one of those insurmountable disabilities that can make dating, relationships, and even marriage impossible.

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