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Christiandatingames files wordpress com

In 2013, Anna Wintour was appointed as the artistic director of the entire publishing empire.‘D’ for the devil in .‘ is a fashion magazine, and a fashion magazine is about change,’ said Anna Wintour soon after stepping into the shoes of editor-in-chief, in 1988.

Her first cover featured a 19-year-old girl wearing a Christian Lacroix jacket and Guess jeans while bathed in bright sunshine.

For more information on our cookies policy, please read the terms of use provided on our website.celebrated its 120th birthday in 2012 with the thickest ever issue of the magazine – it weighed in at a hefty 916 pages!

Anna Wintour's interest in politics has grown with each passing year.

She supported the fund-raising efforts of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in both 20.

Some say she wore Chanel miniskirts even when pregnant, only loosening the zip a little to accommodate her growing tummy.

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Every Word Press website requires at least one theme to be present and every theme should be designed using Word Press standards with structured PHP, valid HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).If you’d only like to export a selection of your content click the down arrow to select which content to export.We recommend exporting all of your content by clicking Export All.If you can log into Word, then you already have a Word account.If you can’t, you can easily create one during installation.

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